Rachel's over 20 year dance background includes ballet, jazz, tap, modern, hip hop, salsa, and ballroom.  She fuses her passion for dance with her passion for teaching.  

She has been a teacher in the Hamilton City School District for 16 years.  For ten years, Rachel has been the coach and director for the Hamilton High School Step Team, and is looking forward to beginning a new salsa rueda group in the next school year.  She has also taught youth ballet and jazz classes and has taught hip hop cardio classes for five years.

Rachel's love for salsa began three years ago with rueda de casino.  As a dancer, she strives to learn new techniques and styles while finding the joy in the dance. 

Rachel Hrnyak

Robert’s 12 year dance & 4 year teaching background includes Salsa Casino, Salsa LA On1, Salsa NY On2, Son, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha Cha, & Ballroom. From this wide variety of study, he has learned and shares with his students principles fundamental to all dances.

For the past 6 years, Robert has trained with & performed salsa casino, salsa rueda, salsa On1 & On2, and bachata with a variety of teams including: Cincinnati’s Salsa Underground (On1, On2), and Columbus’s Club Tropicale (Rueda De Casino). Currently Robert performs with Dare 2 Dance Atrevidos (On1, Bachata, & Cabaret) and is the director and choreographer for Cuban Salsa Cincinnati's performance team.

The best teachers are also the best social dancers. Robert can be found many nights during the week social dancing at Cincinnati's hotspots. Being able to lead a variety of dances has helped Robert hone his lead & follow skills and dance technique. 

The best teachers also get invited to teach in other cities.

Recently Rob taught at the Boston Rueda Festival and also the SalsAtlanta 3 Day Cuban Weekend

Rob is also a Deejay and loves to explain the different salsa rhythms and musical categories within the salsa genre.

Robert Rice