Intro to Latin Dance (Salsa, Bachata, Chachacha, Merengue)
Monday May 1st, 8th, 15th, 23rd
8pm to 9pm. Registration at 7:50pm
11124 Luschek Dr. Blue Ash, OH
This class will introduce new dancers to the basic steps and basic partnerwork for salsa, bachata, merengue, and chachacha dancing.
$40 pre-registration via paypal

Open to the public. No partner necessary; We will rotate partners throughout the class. No dance experience needed.
What to wear?
Bring an extra pair of shoes so that you don't track in dirt from outside. You can dance in your socks, but its not recommended because you don't want someone stepping on your feet!
Shoes that have low friction are ideal for pivoting and turning. Rubber soled shoes are not great unless they are worn smooth. Leather soled, wood soled, suede soled shoes make salsa dancing easier.
You are not likely to work up a sweat during this workshop, because it is primarily instructional, but it is a physical activity and if you have any physical problems, then please get a doctors recommendation before participating.

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Intro to Cuban Salsa (Salsa Rueda):
Mondays 7pm to 8pm May 1st, 8th, 15th, 23rd
4 week session $40
11124 Luschek Ave, Blue Ash, OH 45241

Salsa Rueda is like square dancing but with Cuban salsa moves!!!! And you can use these moves to either dance in a group or as an individual couple. Here is an example of a salsa rueda group dance....
and here is an example of a cuban salsa partner dance using the same moves a you learn in a rueda......
To participate in this class, you must already be familiar with the basic salsa rhythm, right turn, and cross body lead. The more salsa you know, the easier it will be for you to participate, but you just need to know these basic salsa movements because the class is not geared for brand new salsa dancers. We will focus first on basic rueda moves that you use when you switch partners in a salsa rueda group such as dame, dame dos, enchufla, prima(adios), dame p'arriba, etc. and then on movements that don't involve switching partners. The goal is for the participant to be able to participate in any rueda circle. There are hundreds of rueda moves, so if you don't know a move, then you can always continue with the basic step. But if you don't know when and how to switch partners, then it could disrupt the rueda circle. The movements you learn for salsa rueda are many of the movements you also learn for Casino style salsa dancing. So you can practice these moves as a single couple after class during our mini social. Come join us so that you can add Cuban salsa to your salsa knowledge and join in on the fun.

​Private Lessons

Do you want to focus on a particular technique? Do you struggle with a particular move? Or do you just want to accelerate your learning? In a private lesson we have the opportunity to identify specific issues an individual might have that prevent them from going to the next level. In a group class, this is harder to address. Take a private lesson for $60 per hour.