Cincinnati Cuban Weekend Oct. 15th, 2016
2pm to 530pm workshops with Selen and Yosvanny (SYacademy). See descriptions further below.
815pm Salsa Rueda de Casino Class- Multi Level, Multi Teacher- Beginner to intermediate
9pm until 1am Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba Social
Main Room: DJ Bloo spinning salsa & bachata
Kizomba Room: deejayed by Cinci-Kiz Lisa Butts
Water and light snacks provided. BYOB alcohol
Performances by: Casino Real Cincinnati, Salsaires, The Ville Casineras

Contemporary Dance Theatre
1805 Larch Ave, Cincinnati, OH

$20 for an individual class on the day of the event
$10 for the Latin dance social  and $5 for the 815pm rueda class
$60 for the Full Pass

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL PRICING until Thursday midnight:
$40 Pass .......

Class #1 2pm Afro-Cuban body Movements
Salsa basic footwork will be combined with body movements & mimics of the Orishas. In Cuban Santeria, Orishas are manifestations of the deity and the Orisha dances reflect these manifestations. Orishas include Elegua (the pathfinder), Ogun (the warrior), Chango (the king), Yemaya (Queen of the seas), Ochun, (Ruler of the rivers, lakes, Earth), Obatala (wisdom, peace). These body movements are the basis for Cuban salsa styling and are used in many salsa performances or when social dancing separated from your partner.

3:20pm Comparsa/Cuban Traditional Dances
Traditional Cuban dances such as Mozambique, Pilon, Mambo, and Conga are traditional dances done in suelta or comparsa style. Suelta/Comparsa is the Cuban form of a line dance in the USA. You might see these dances in a house party, salsa social, or in a parade during Carnival. This class will teach a sampling of some of these dances.

Class #3
4:30pm Rumba Guaguanco
Learn the flirtatious and seductive dance of Cuban Rumba.
Cuban Rumba dancing is a game of seduction between the man and the woman. The woman dances to seduce the man. The man will move his body to demonstrate his masculinity, impress the woman, make suggestive movements towards her. The woman does not yield so readily to his advances. She remains coy and toys with the man as she repeatedly lures him and then rejects him.

About Selen and Yosvany:
Selen and Yosvany are the ultimate husband and wife authentic Cuban teaching team! Originally from Havana, Cuba the couple has relocated to Louisville Kentucky after performing and teaching all around the world. Their most recent International tour experience includes the Bahamas, Russia, Greece, Spain, and Mexico. Together and independently these two have decades of classical and cultural training. Selen is a graduate of Folklore Dance from the Cuban National Institute. Yosvanny is a graduate of the National Cuban school of Ballet.