Dance Attire: Sometime comfortable and easy to move around in whether it is jeans, pants, or sweatpants. Bring layers in case you get too warm or too cold. You probably won't break a sweat, but it is best to come dressed casual and comfortable.

Dance Shoe Recommendations
As a beginner, it is not critical to have the most expensive shoes. As long as your shoes allow you to turn on the dance floor, then they will be adequate. Some rubber soled shoes can have to much friction, and are not highly recommended. However beginners can get by with them because of the limited amount of turning in beginner classes. Well worn sneakers are allowed, but they need to be clean. Please bring a pair of shoes to change into if yours are dirty, because we can’t allow damage to the dance floor. If it is raining outside and you track water into the studio it will get the soles of other’s shoes wet and cause damage to the suede soles. For Women: Most ladies prefer heels, but like to give their feet abreak and wear flats sometimes. Either works. Most ladies prefer a 2” heel if they wear heels. Ladies can choose between open toe and closed toe. Closed toe will protect your feet from accidents on the dance floor, open toe allows your toes to breathe and show off the fresh toe polish.  Since ladies do a lot of spinning, any footwear you choose should have a low friction sole. For ladies who want specialty shoes, Burju brand a quite popular but also expensive. Reasonably priced shoes can be found at any of the local dance shops listed below. For Men: For social dancing, no special shoes need purchased. But you need a pair of clean, low friction shoes.
Dress shoes often work well because they have a low friction wood or leather sole that allows for turning. Do not wear your street shoes into the studio especially if it is raining that day. Bring a pair to change into. As you become more addicted to salsa, I recommend upgrading to specialty dance shoes. You can either buy shoes that are flat or that have a small less than 1 inch heel.  I own both. Specialty shoes have a suede or leather sole. The heel is nice because it forces more weight on to the ball of my foot and makes advanced moves easier. However, a heel will also add more stress to your lower back and hamstrings. Whether you decide to wear shoes with a heel or no heel,  is a personal preference. If you decide to upgrade from your dress shoes to a specialty shoe then for flats, I recommend Gabellini or Ballo Shoes available online. Gabellini: Ballo:
Skanska: The least expensive option. They are great for practice. If you prefer a ballroom latin heel then Capezzio shoes are a less expensive brand that is good for beginners.  Capezzios and other brands are available online and also at local dance stores . Local Dancewear Stores Diana's Dance & Fitness Wear‎  8958 Blue Ash Rd, Cincinnati, OH‎ -(513) 792-0970‎ Loshin's Dancewear‎  5141Kennedy Avenue, Cincinnati, OH‎ - (513) 531-5800‎ Allegro dance and apparel 502 Old State Route 74, Cincinnati, OH‎ - (513) 528-5578‎ Dancewear Boutique‎  8508 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati, OH‎ - (513) 474-4323‎ Dance Etc‎ 5985 Meijer Drive, Milford, OH‎ - (513) 576-1400‎