Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I am going to miss one class?

Attending all classes is not critical. If you miss a class, you will be able to catch up at the next class or be able to ask us what you missed at one of our salsa practice sessions or when we teach every other Friday at Our Place Latin Club. We also make videos of what was covered available to you.

What do I wear?
Comfortable clothes. Some people wear athletic gear and shorts and others wear dress pants or jeans. Dress for a moderate level of activity.
Comfortable Shoes that have a low friction sole. Dress shoes with wood bottoms work well. So do suede soled dress shoes. Rubber soled shoes will stick as you try to turn and may hurt your knee, but if they are well worn, then turning can be done. Diana's Dancewear in Blue Ash sells suede soled practice shoes in the $30s range for those that want to buy a comfortable shoe designed for dance. Ladies can wear flats or high heels as long as they are secure with a strap so that your feet don't slip out. Avoid wearing high heels that are two high to allow you to balance on one foot.

Will I work up a sweat?
Classes are not vigorous enough for the typical person to work up a sweat. They are primarily instructional with some music played to re-inforce and practice what is learned.

Do I have to be in superb physical condition?
The stronger and healthier you are the easier it is going to be to learn. Relative to other sports, salsa is not a very physically demanding activity. However it can be physically demanding for those that are not in good condition. If you have any sort of physical impairment, heart condition, asthma, or other physical limitations or existing injuries, you should contact your doctor before taking classes with us. If you have any physical limitations, then let us know before you take the class. Injuries can happen during any physical activity, including salsa, and caution should always be taken.